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Monroe Center Artist Spotlight – Heather Corey

Heather Cory is an artist and sculptor who has her studio set up right here in the Monroe Center. Heather pulls inspiration from a wide range of disciplines, ranging from modern expressionism to Baroque embellishment, but her biggest motivation comes from the feminine form. This interest manifests itself in her sculptures and paintings of ornamental and ornate corsets.
Heather grew up around sewing and took interest in fashion at an early age, since her mother was a seamstress. This upbringing lead Heather to appreciate tangible, and organic elements. Drawing from this admiration, in art school she started exploring the medium of organic paper making and etchings. In graduate school, however, Heather began using her skill in paper making to make sculptures. This transition to sculpture brought with it her childhood interest for fashion, which resulted in her working with the female body. Her work thereafter was focused primarily on corset design through painting and sculpture. In February 2014, Heather made her public debut as the featured artist in a lingerie runway show at Canoe Studio in Manhattan. There, she showcased her four piece collection called “Love Garments”, which was composed of four different 3D paintings of corsets. Each piece tells a different story using color and movement through the 3D contours.
Heather is currently working on a new collection called “Love Corsetry”, which focuses primarily on sculpture. This ambitious project will feature plaster molds of one hundred different women, from their waist to their neck. Each sculpture will be designed into a corset, which will reflect each individual model’s personal background and personality. These sculptures can be sanded to feel like porcelain, or left rough and rocky in order to fully reflect the soul of the model. Whether they are vulnerable or strong, confident or unsure, they all share one thread that makes them both different and the same – feminine motion. Heather plans to one day publish a book containing all the individual stories, paired with photos of the corresponding work of art. She also hopes to one day partner with a fashion designer and bring her art to life in the form of wearable garments.
As the “Love Corsetry” project began gaining momentum, Heather started to become sought out by women with breast cancer. Heather would get requests from women with the disease to mold their bodies before they had surgery. The resulting piece would be a preserved molding of the woman’s original form. Heather really began to enjoy this sentiment, and is currently reaching out to women with breast cancer and casting them as models. For more information about this project, or to inquire about being a model, visit

Heather’s motto is “Love. Create. Celebrate.”

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