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Movement Space

Movement Space
Movement Space
Suite - C503

The Movement Space is Celebrating 20 Years In Hoboken and the Monroe Center!

Dena Reynolds and Luke Faust have provided movement, dance and movement arts classes for all levels and ages of students, beginning to advanced, for exercise, body-mind harmony, alignment, and ease of movement. Together Dena & Luke have experience and background teaching children from toddlers to teens and adults. They have led and taught classes at the Movement Space for 20 years. Their style of teaching children has a base in child-centered learning with a focus on learning through dramatic play, movement and art.

Classes offered include:
*Parent/Child Movement, Music & Language for children crawling to 3 years
*School Time with Dena & Luke for ages 2-4 years
*Ballet/Modern for ages 3-14
*Children’s Junior and Senior Dance Company for ages 6-14
*After School Games & Arts Drop-off for ages 3-12
*School Break Arts Camp for ages 3-12
*Summer Arts Camp for ages 3-12
*Adult Yoga
*Adult Tai Chi

In its 20th year of offering classes for children and adults, the Movement Space continues to provide movement experiences
with the purpose of the development of strength, agility, and body harmony.

The goal in our classes is to discover movements that come naturally to each individual and then to build strength with alignment and technique.

Always referring back to that which is natural, this process when done with time and patience, enables the emergence of a person who is comfortable with movement
and who has an inner knowledge of their physical body and how to care for it.

The ability to cross the room with inner grace and confidence becomes a metaphor for living our lives.

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